What are the Factors affecting on IVF Success Rate?

What are the Factors affecting on IVF Success Rate?

IVF is a very complicated process involving lots of moving parts, which are highly dependent on timing and accuracy. Throughout IVF procedures, several factors that affect the chances to decrease the success rate of IVF treatment such as

1) Age:

Your age and using your eggs play a important role in determining the success rate of IVF Treatment. Younger women below 35 years of age have chances to get conceiving & high success rate of IVF also. As the age number increases & the chances of conception with own eggs decreases. As older women have lower egg production and the quality also becomes poor.

2) Previous Pregnancy:

Previous pregnancies could increase the chance of success during your IVF treatment. On the other hand, pregnancies that ended on a miscarriage & some cases are lower the chances of IVF success. In this case, specialists will help you to identify the causes behind the miscarriage and whether or not it is likely to affect your current treatment.

3) Type of Fertility issues:

Some of the fertility issues make a less success rate of IVF treatment includes fibroid tumors, uterine abnormalities, dual infertility, ovarian dysfunction & the amount of time the couple has difficult to conceive. However, IVF can very successfully overcome lots of fertility issues.

4) Egg Donor:

For patients whose eggs are quality & quantity, might be compromised due to age or other factors, using egg donors can increase the chances of success.

5) Lifestyle Habits:

Smoking is harmful to fertility in both men and women. It should never happen during the IVF process. When a woman is overweight or underweight, it may also affect to get conceiving. People going through an IVF treatment must consider making some lifestyle changes to improve the chances of success.

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Comment By zakki on 2020-09-30 05:22:48
How much is cost of infertility treatment in Bangalore.
Replied By Mahesh Sidhi on 2020-09-30 14:01:43
It starts from lowest 50k to over 105k to 200k based on which treatment you are taking


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